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PINOY KAMASUTRA 1 Featuring Katya Santos – Viva Video 2006

Master the art. Perform flawlessly in bed. Is your partner going cold? Do you find yourself spending more nights alone in bed? Bring back the fire to a dwindling sex life with Pinoy Kamasutra. This spanking new video teaches you how to boost your sexual performance with some of the most pleasurable positions ever imagined. Go bold with “The Mold”. Dive into “The Deep One”. Get wild with “The Amazon”. Learn to obey with “The Dog”. Float in ecstacy with “The Suspended Position”. Twist and shout with “The Are”. Bend and blend with “The Fusion”. Or sink into deep rapture with “The Armchair”. Plus more exciting positions to satisfy your lover. Viva Hotbabe Katya Santos and Justine of the Viva Hotmen show you the way to naked bliss. joining them are fellow Hotbabes Zara Lopez, Leilani Navarro, Maricar Dela Fuente, Anna Scott, Scarlet and Sachie plus the Viva Hotmen as they give you a lesson you’ll never forget. Pinoy Kamasutra….guaranteed to help you reach new heights.

It is a very exotic films although it rather look like documentary. The actress are very cutes and attractive. You will for be disappointment. There are about 12 sex positions containing in the films. About every 6-7 minutes, the screen is clear and actors bravely show good positions. Kanya Santos is very good in this film. She open the first and last sense. She also appears several times will her full body. Other actresses are also vey good in their roles. They look and appear as adult actor in Hollywood although they speak very little. The film is only about 60 minutes, but looks like a long one as there are several sections. Men who love Asians should like it. It is good enough for all of them.


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