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Sisid 2022 Vivamax full movie

Marine Biologist Jason and his wife Abby goes to Pola, Mindoro where he is tasked to lead the rehabilitation and preservation of a fish sanctuary. There, he meets his diving assistant Dennis and the two hit it off instantly. As they work together, Jason learns bits and pieces about Dennis and his family; and Dennis is moved with Jason’s passion for his work. They also find themselves in contradicting problems when Dennis got his girlfriend Tanya pregnant, while Jason and Abby have been struggling to have a baby for years, but to no avail because of Abby’s illness.

As days go by, Jason and Dennis develop romantic feelings for each other, eventually giving in to their sexual desires. But their affair takes an unprecedented turn when Abby finds out about Jason and Dennis’ affair and catches them in the act. Abby’s shock from her discovery made her illness worse, resulting in her hospitalization. Jason now has to choose between Abby and Dennis, and someone will be left brokenhearted.


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  1. Walang kwentang pelikula. Tang na. I eexpect chuchupa na si kylie tapos biglang naging chupaan ng bakla. Tang ina gumawa nitong pelikula na to.

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