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Sandwich (2023) vivamax full movie 4k 2160p

Sandwich 2023 Movie Poster 1Sandwich 2023 Movie Cover 1
Sandwich 2023 Movie Poster 2Sandwich 2023 Movie Cover 2

Sandwich is a Filipino drama film directed by Jao Elamparo, written by Reynold Giba and produced under the banner of Center Stage Productions.

A meaty and juicy movie starring Kat Dovey and Andrea Garcia, with Nico Locco and Luke Shelby. A newly wed couple invites a woman for threesome. Unknown to them someone is watching their sexcapade. When the threesome becomes foursome, that’s when chaos begins.

Starring: Katrina Dovey, Luke Selby, Nico Locco, Andrea Garcia, Chesca Paredes, Millen Gal, Regine Tolentino, Sahil Khan, Michael Olusugen, Chad Solano, Jaggy Lejano, Akira Jimenez, Ayra Salvador, Jean Kiley, Phoebe Walker

Directed by: Jao Daniel Elamparo


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