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“L”: Liko (Larawan, Liko, Lipat) (An Erotic Series) Vivamax 2022 full episode 1080p

“L” (Larawan, Liko, Lipat): Liko
An Erotic Series

L Poster  Liko L Larawan Liko Lipat


LIKO. The second story is “Liko” and is directed by EJ Salcedo. Still loveless after Lana left, Lucas started a habit of driving around the streets of Manila. One night on his drive, he picks up Liza (Cloe Barreto), an attractive woman whom he thought was a prostitute. They talk, and then checks in at a motel and have sex. Before parting ways, Lucas attempts to pay for Liza’s services but she refuses to accept the money, telling Lucas she is not a prostitute, but just a poor and lonely housewife. This excites Lucas all the more, and he meets with her a few more times, and Liza also starts accepting the money that Lucas gives him. Then one night, Lucas cannot find Liza anymore. And after a month he finally finds Liza again, but it is already too late for Lucas.

Director: EJ Salcedo
Cast: Vince Rillon, Cloe Barreto, Stephanie Raz, Karl Aquino, Clyde Enriquez, EJ Salcedo, Alf Alacapa, Miguel Bengson, Portia Rutaquio, Jackie Lyn Barcebal, Regine Villazanta, Jose Marie Amoyan, Teng Diaz, Raymond Tacuque, Nestor Antipolo


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