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High (School) on Sex 2022 S01E08 POUND-ATION DAY vivamax season 1 full episode 8

Ka Main Horiz Tvs High School On Sex S01.480
”Boy Bastos” star Wilbert Ross reunites with ”Crush Kong Curly” director GB Sampedro for another hilariously sexy coming-of-age series. With Denise Esteban, Migs Almendras, Angela Morena and Kat Dovey. This hot barkada will take you high. High on love, high on sex.

Directed by: GB Sampedro
Starring: Wilbert Ross , Denise Esteban , Kat Dovey , Migs Almendras , Angela Morena , Carlene Aguilar , Manu Respall , Aica Veloso , Millen Gal , Kedebon Colim , Joe Vargas , Nathan Cajucom , Jiad Arroyo , Ejay Fontanilla , Micaella Raz , Andrea Garcia , Garry Lim , Katya Santos , Lance Raymundo , Marco Gomez , Mark Carpio , Rob Guinto , Sheree Bautista

High (School) On Sex Season 1 Episode 8
Season 1 – Episode 8: POUND-ATION DAY
Gibo chooses between Karla and Issa while Mavic tries to forgive Wes. A scuffle fueled by revenge arises but despite the chaos, the students come together for one cause.

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