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Ganti-Ganti (2023) vivamax full movie 4k 2160p

Ganti-Ganti 2023 Movie Poster 1
Ganti-Ganti 2023 Movie Cover 1

For the first time, Angeli Khang teams up with Yen Durano in this mind-bending erotic thriller. Four lives become intertwined because of one goal – to exact revenge. Things turn bloodier and more chaotic when they all realize who the real mastermind is.

Starring: Angeli Khang , Yen Durano , Sean De Guzman , Mark Anthony Fernandez , Chad Solano , Lally Buendia , Sofia Carandang , Ralph Vincent Luna , Eya Ayson

Directed by: Mcarthur C. Alejandre


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